Color Street Nail Polish Ruined My Nails


Each strip is actual nail polish that is dry on the top but still pliable underneath, where it adheres to the nail. Color street is a brand that is sold through independent representatives, but they also sell directly on their website if you don’t live near a “nail stylist” or just don’t want to deal with in.

Color Street. Long lasting 100 nail polish Nail polish

You won't only be stripping off your nail polish, but also the top layer of your nail.


Color street nail polish ruined my nails. When i opened the package, i was surprised that it smelled like a bottle of nail polish. It has mixed personal beliefs, however; This beginner’s guide to color street recommends this non acetone nail polish remover as it is much gentler on your nails while still working effectively!

According to nails magazine nail polish repels water. This is one of the most common color street problems that i see in my personal use of the product. If you really need to keep them polished, use a nail.

I peeled them off once & never again. I had the same issue, whether with liquid nail polish or color street strips, my nails end up dry, flaky and brittle. Why are my color street nails cracking?

The strips are polish that’s almost completely dry, but has enough flexibility to stretch a bit before setting completely. Just keep these color street application tips in mind and you can do a manicure almost anywhere. Color street is a nail polish strip.

“[nails] can become dry and brittle (just like hair after too much color or styling),” says saunders. If you haven’t tried color street yet, it’s time. I thought that to be odd because color street is supposed to hold the patent for these kinds of strips.

My nails are very strong and healthy, and they can grow very long, but as soon as i use nail polish they become brittle and start peeling. Yellowed nails can be caused by a number of things, including nail fungus, smoking, or an underlying medical problem, but excessively wearing nail polish without a base coat can also be a major cause. So, being the nerd that i am, i became super curious about what makes one photo more effective than another.

According to palm, nails also lose moisture faster than the rest of the skin. Taking thousands of terrible photos of my nails. Color street nail polish strips are made in the usa.

I tried gel, but that was costly and left my real nails ruined and weak. Still, i think the basic idea is the same. I love color street nails.

Then my sister came to me and told me she has seen a lot of competitors pop up, that were also 100% nail polish strips. This article about peeling nails is an excerpt from my 74th episode (available june 2017) of face to face with doug schoon video series. I would recommend using artificial nails if you're up to it.

That mistake ruined my nails & it took awhile for them to grow out & be healthy again. That seems like a likely cause because of how it can dry up your skin and warp the color of your hair. Cracking is a normal effect from your nails expanding and contracting.

The strips are 95% dry so they are flexible and repositionable. Choi and holford agree — all three recommend keeping your nails au naturel for at least a few days after sporting a gel, acrylics, or dip. Thank you for visiting my color street website.

Forcing your nail polish off is super damaging to your nails. I decided to start wearing artificial nails so i can still put color street on and so far my nails are just fine. Color street is 100% nail polish and all you need to remove it is some nail polish remover of any type!

Plus, i'd chip the paint within a day. I wasn't one to ever have my nails done, i am a nurse and wash my hands a million times a day so nail polish never lasted and gel ruined my nails. I never used to color my nails because of the expense & time of a manicure.

Comes off with regular nail polish remover. Since nobody likes weak, flimsy nails, try to always take your polish off with nail polish remover. Color street nail polish strips are nail polish in a dry strip form with base coat, color coat and top coat in every strip.

Think of it like a face peel gone wrong. But while i was at ulta i saw the incoco polish strips and picked them up to compare. In my mind, the strips most resemble decals i have made, although they are fully opaque.

I use mineral fusion polish remover to remove the nail tips and hard as hoof & mineral oil in between sets which have really helped my nails. I practiced, and practiced, and practiced; In fall 2018, color street didn’t have a collection like that and had no immediate plans to produce them.

I first tried these amazing nail strips a couple months ago getting ready for my sons graduation. A mani in the car? After personally trying color street nail sets, i became obsessed!💅 it's 100% real nail polish, but goes on like a sticker and doesn't chip.

Rest assured this is not a problem with the nail polish strips themselves or your color street application. Get our best nail care tips at

Last as long as gel, doesn’t ruin your nails! Color

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