Pool Test Strip Color Guide


Smart test strips take the guess work out of trying to match the shades of color when reading the test strip. The test solutions (reagents) typically last about one year.

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Wait 15 seconds for colors to develop.


Pool test strip color guide. Aquachek offers a full line of high quality pool and spa test strips and meters to keep your pool and spa water clean and balanced. However, these are not as accurate as test kits that mix the water with a reacting solution. Ever so cool, lean forward and palming the test.

These are the average ideal ranges, however there are times when it can be desirable or necessary to operate outside of one or more of these ranges. And finally, for those in search of a simple test kit for chlorine and ph — because the dog/cat. Or for an even easier option, just stick a testing strip in the water and watch it begin to change color just a few seconds later.

Simply dip one test strip into pool or spa water at elbow’s depth and remove immediately. Includes a reusable color chart comparator and the complete guide to pool and spa care. These are the ideal levels for pool chemistry, or the most acceptable range for proper pool water chemistry.

Remove the strip and shake once, briskly to remove excess water. 1 lamotte 2056 colorq pro 7 digital pool water test kit. 2 lamotte colorq pro 11 digital liquid pool and spa chemical water testing kit.

Test strips are available to conduct individual tests simply by dipping the strips into the pool water and reading the color. So, make sure that the only water your test strips are reacting with is the pool or spa water you intend to measure. The test strips won't know the difference between the water on your fingers and the pool or spa water!

Dip the ph color tube in the pool to your elbow and fill the tube to the top line. Read the instructions on the box to see how long to leave the strip in the substance. Free chlorine, total chlorine, bromine, total hardness, total alkalinity, ph and cyanuric acid.

The aquachek trutest digital test strip reader is intended to provide a convenient alternative to visual color matching, with the ease of a digital display. Add five drops of phenol red reagent, drop by drop. Do not use expired test strips.

Hold strip level and visually compare the strip to the color chart included on the bottle. To better understand what test strip results mean, let’s take a look at two types of chlorine testing often included on a chlorine test strip: Top 7 best pool test kits for the money in 2021 reviews.

Compare test pads with color chart on the bottle within the next 30 seconds for best results. Compare the color of the water to the ph color scale. Chlorine test strips can quickly tell you how much chlorine is in a sample of water, but sometimes, understanding these seemingly simple results can be tricky.

Once the right amount of time has passed, remove the strip and look at it to see what color it has turned. Just dip and wait 15 seconds. Select the corresponding test result colors within 15 seconds of wetting.

The test strip will match up with a reading that tells you the current amount of salt in your water. The meter and test strips can achieve representative readings of pool and hot tub water conditions when following all directions and using properly stored and handled, unexpired test strips. Total chlorine and free chlorine.

Based on the size of your pool, which is measured in gallons of water, you can adjust the level. The number of pads on the test strip determine the amount of water parameters you can test for. To test your swimming pool water using clorox test strips, simply place the test strip several inches under the water for.

First, dip your ph strip into the liquid you want to test, like your pool water or garden soil. Shake once to remove excess water. Some colors, especially yellow are hard identify the exact shade of brightness when matching to color charts.

For expert pool water analysis results and. You simply grab some water from the pool, mix in a specified amount of reagent provided by the kit for whatever element you're testing, shake it up, and compare the resulting color to the included chart. These test strips are different than the general frog test strips.

Most containers of test strips will display an expiration date somewhere on the container.

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