Sugar Glider Colors And Prices


Below is a list of price ranges for different sugar glider colors. What is a caramel sugar glider.

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Suncoast sugar gliders, is dedicated to providing everything you need to raise happy and healthy sugar gliders.


Sugar glider colors and prices. Different colors of sugar gliders << back to all sugar glider help & education or shop sugar glider products. Chocolate, buttercream, lion, and red cinnamon. These colorations are dependent on genes so the lineage must be known.

Some color sugar gliders are rarer than others, for instance, the white sugar glider is rarer than the classic glider and will, therefore, command a higher price. Price range is for pet pricing only and is subject to change without notice. Sugar gliders, when paired properly for breeding, will reproduce some very pretty colors.

The first thing to understand about these creatures is its not a color. You can read more details about colored gliders here. Sugar gliders come in many different colors, and they all command a different price range.

This is because melanism is a condition where the skin or fur has a higher than normal concentration of melanin. Sugar glider prices vary greatly depending on many factors including color, pattern, genetics, gender, season, and supply/demand. Available sugar gliders, glider caresheet, colors and prices, etc.

This causes the sugar glider to have solid black skin but the markings take a darker shade of black. Sugar glider prices vary greatly depending on many factors including color, pattern, genetics, gender, season, and supply/demand. Sugar glider breeders by state

Before breeding any sugar glider, please ensure they are genetically compatible. Adult sugar gliders are usually less expensive than infants. Accidents can happen in an instant due to the prey instinct of cats and dogs.

This is important because the price of a sugar glider will also depend on color and markings with some desirable colorations going as high as $800. Below is a list of price ranges for different sugar glider colors. Cremeino, leucistic, platinum, mosaic, black beauty, red, bfbb, white face, and albino.

The spots coloring will depend on each sugar glider’s genes, but they’ll either be shades of gray or black. Contact us for breeding price. The best resource to learn this info other than asking me, would be to visit the glider nursery.

One of the best ways to go about finding a breeder near you is to check the breeder database at glider central, which is organized by state: Having sold sugar gliders to the public for over 15 years, we are excited to pass on our knowledge of glider care and behavior to our customers. Also take in mind, sugar gliders should always be kept in pairs of at least two.

While the single cost of a glider itself may not be over the top, there is more that goes to it. Here at montana sky sugar gliders, we breed: I do know breeders who specialize in other colors, and can send you there.

Sugar gliders are not cheap pets. An albino sugar glider differs from the leucistic since it’s all white with red eyes, as observed in other albino animals. Estimated cost of purchasing sugar gliders.

The deposit amount is typically 25% of the purchase price, but may increase or decrease depending on the glider. There are a variety of color variations and characteristics that can be selectively bred. This is because adults are far more difficult to train, and this makes them less desirable as pets.

The melanistic sugar glider can be said to be the opposite of the albino. These animals came onto the scene first when they were brought into the united states in october 2009. Piebalds are a rare variation of mosaic sugar gliders, which feature peculiar far patches.

Therefore, these gliders are more rare and valuable with an average price of $5,000. Caramel sugar gliders are instead a unique subspecies. Sugar gliders are also available in a variety of colors at higher prices;

Price range is for pet pricing only and is subject to change without notice. You’ll notice these patches aren’t like what’s expected on mosaics and vary in size. The cost per glider varies on gender, color, breedable vs pet, and lineage.

Allowing your sugar glider to “play” with other pets can be fatal for your sugar glider.

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