Type K Thermocouple Cable Colours


Greater of 2.2°c or 0.75%: Thermocouple extension & compensating cable colour codes.

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These are used to identify the type and positive and negative wires.


Type k thermocouple cable colours. our thermocouple types chart below displays temperature range, colour code and conductor material for each thermocouple type, making it easier for you to find the right thermocouple for your application. Greater of 1.1°c or 0.4%: Type k thermocouple information, type k thermocouple temperature ranges, type k comparison, common applications for type k thermocouples, characteristics of a type k thermocouple.

The table below shows the most commonly encountered colour codes used on thermocouple leads and connectors. Check out most commonly used thermocouples here. The individual conductors are colour coded as per the extension cables for k,j,t,n,e but the overall sheath colour is brown.

Thermocouple connectors are colour coded to the jacket colour of the thermocouple. Here’s a quick rundown of ansi color specifications. The most common colour code system in use in australia is the usa ansi m96.1.

Redundant national colour coding for insulation of thermocouple extension and compensating cable type kx thermocouple extension cable conductors are made from the same+ constituent elements as the type k thermocouple combination and therefore±60 μv (±1.5°c) minimises potential errors when connecting to a sensor. Greater of 1.1°c or 0.4%: More stable at high temps:

The jacket colour of the cable (where the cable has a jacket) is the same colour as the positive conductor insulation. Matching thermocouple types to the color codes. 2.reversing of lead wires thermocouple leads are polarized.

* codes g, c and d and the cable colours shown, are not officially recognised symbols. Each type of thermocouple has multiple colors associated with it. Thermocouple colour codes & tolerances.

Type kx thermocouple extension cable conductors are made from the same constituent elements as the type k thermocouple combination and therefore minimises potential errors when connecting to a sensor. Green outer / green positive / white negative. Therefore, for type k the jacket is green, for type j the jacket is black.

Greater of 2.2°c or 0.75%: So again, a type k thermocouple connector would have a green casing. 1.using the wrong type of thermocouple each instrument is calibrated to work with a particular thermocouple type.

Thermocouple grade cables have a specific colour coding for the ansi m96.1 system. It is important to recognise the unfortunate use of the same colours for outer sheaths and connectors on. Connecting a ‘k’ thermocouple to a ‘j’ instrument will result in severe overshoot and probable heater damage.

Thermocouple temperature sensor color code temperature guide. The red wire is always negative. Thermocouple extension cable k type.

Available with iec class 1 or 2 accuracy. Choice of insulation material, wire dia, & reel length. High quality type k duplex thermocouple extension cable.

Type k thermocouple grade jacket: Standard grade and extension grade wire have their own respective colors, while the positive and negative leads also have associated colors. Side by side or twisted pair.

More stable at high temps: Click on the title to go to the chart.

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